Welcome to my little spot on the web! I am so excited to use this platform to connect with you, share tips and ideas, and grow in our spaces together. 

Life gets busy, it’s true! If you are like me then you probably feel overwhelmed at times trying to balance all of its happenings,  which can even make things that should be fun, like decorating and space design, a stressful task. I’m here for you! Design has been a passion and aspect of my life for as long as I can remember. My grandmother was a successful decorator in the Destin area and it took years for me to overcome my fears of business ownership and follow in her footsteps, turning a passion into a career. I love what I do and I thoroughly enjoy my clients! I am now hoping to be able to share some of this love with you through tips and ideas that you will hopefully find helpful and that will make decorating and designing your space as fun and stressless as possible! 

I’m Trisha, the lady behind Coastline Copper! Lighting and design are my passion. Let me help create the space you’ve always dreamed of.

We will talk everything from the perfect shade of white (because let’s be real, paint colors are one of the hardest decisions to make!) to Christmas decor to organizing your office to designing a functional and attractive kitchen space. Let’s do this together! Let me know what you are looking to create in your life. What are you looking to find here? Let me bring experience, research and knowledge so that you can have fun creating your perfect space!