Owner and Lighting Designer + Consultant

The Henry Family

Trisha is a graduate from Florida State University with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Italian Studies. Through her ability to visualize and design spaces, her empathy for the consumer experience, and her goal-oriented nature, she has been the driving force behind Coastline Copper. She is excited to work with her clients in selecting and customizing their tailored pieces, creating what she believes to be “the most noticed accessory on a home or commercial space.” While Trisha is passionate about her work, she is a proud wife and mother to their daughter. 


Co-Owner & Lic. Contractor of Sister Company, Coastline Custom Builders

Growing up in the development and construction industry, Brett has always had a vision for creating beautiful spaces with a level of quality that is unrivaled. Construction is not just a career for him, but a passion and a hobby. Brett is a forward thinker and enjoys watching his efforts, and the efforts of his team, come together in his projects. His passion lies in renovations even over new construction as he teams with his wife to creatively improve a space and it’s functions, while also overcoming the obstacles and unknowns that renovations can deal. While Brett is an amazing contractor, his biggest achievement is his role as a Husband and Father. He is truly the foundation for their family, along with the biggest goofball in it! Brett is a Certified Building Contractor and co-owner of Coastline Custom Builders. License number CBC1262647

Coastline Copper

Coastline Copper is best described as a “lighting design experience.” Our family business started as a dream based on industry knowledge and passion and is quickly headed to be the area’s exclusive copper lighting retailer. 
While both of our families moved to the Okaloosa/Walton area in 1995 and while we even attended the same schools and church, it was not until later in life that we met. On July 4, 2011, our paths first crossed, and it was not long before we were dating and off to Paris on our first adventure! Even early on, it was obvious where our hearts were as we awed over the architecture and obsessed over the furniture throughout the city and in the flea markets. We have made it a goal to travel somewhere nearly every year since, and with each visit no matter how near or far, we still find ourselves admiring that city’s architecture, lighting, furniture, design, and of course, food! Fast forward a couple of years and we were buying our first condo, engaged, selling that condo, buying our first home, married, and we are now raising our beautiful four-year-old daughter, Ashton.

We have worked side by side since 2012, either with Brett’s family’s store or faux finishing cabinets and furniture pieces or running our own companies involving a variety of residential and commercial aspects from furniture to construction and renovation to design and real estate.

Brett’s Aunt and Uncle started manufacturing copper lighting in Cayce, South Carolina after purchasing a local lighting factory in 1992. While looking through the old lighting left in the factory, they discovered some copper street lights which appeared to be antique. They learned that the company had been making these lights for over 30 years. With the help of the closing factory’s master coppersmith, they began designing and manufacturing the beautiful American made lighting they are creating on a much grander scale today. 

In 2018, Coastline Copper became a registered business with the State of Florida, built on our creative ideas for the company and years of discussions over the industry void our area needed to be filled. While various copper lighting is used on homes up and down 30A, along the bay, and throughout Destin and the surrounding areas, we longed for the opportunity to bring his Aunt’s beautiful and quality lighting to our coast and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!