Coastline Copper Lighting & Design Launch Party

Coastline Copper Lighting & Design Launch Party

Eeek! I cannot believe the date has been set and we’re officially having a launch party for this dream project! From the moment, I discovered these dazzling lights and the family history behind them – my husband’s aunt and uncle purchased a local lighting factory outside Columbia, South Carolina back in 1992. While looking through the old lighting left in the factory, they uncovered some copper street lights which appeared to be antique. They learned that the company had been making these lights for over 30 years! So, with the help of the closing factory’s master copper smith, they began designing and manufacturing these beautiful, American made lights with their unique touch on a much grander scale today. I absolutely felt in love with them, and I couldn’t shake the thought that I needed to incorporate them into our area. While various copper lighting fixtures are used in our coastal homes, the quality and aesthetic of these ones are unrivaled.

If you can’t already tell how passionate I am about these lights, I cordially invite you to come check them out in person while enjoying some tasty bites, drinks, and giveaways. Here is a link to the event, CoastlineCopper Lighting + Design : Launch Party.

I’m so grateful for everyone who has been involved in making this dream into reality. I hope you will join me in the celebration, and again, thank you for all the support!

Hugs and Health,