Cheers, To New Adventures!

Cheers, To New Adventures!

I can finally breathe a little easier, ha! In all seriousness this past week was a whirlwind of emotions and to-do lists as we neared the day of our launch party. You know how it goes when you’re planning a special event and you are filled with that mix of excitement and nerves all in one, well, that was me to the max! I’ve been daydreaming and planning and talking about this day for months, but now, it was here, no turning back! Just as quickly as the pressure was getting to me, once I was there and it was “go time” a sense of relief begin to settle in me. After looking around and seeing all the beautiful work my staff, event planning team, family – shout-out to my husband Brett as usual for his support and construction abilities – and friends had put into helping make this event a success, I was filled with peace and gratitude.

I couldn’t have wished for a better turn out and for a great partnership – now a friendship, too with the lovely owner of Drift, Karin Anderson who so graciously co-hosted the Coastline Copper Launch Party with us. Truly, I am beyond grateful for all the support and cooperation that was able to make such a special day in my life an unforgettable one!

Again, thank you to my entire family, friends and every single one of you who continues to support Coastline Copper either via social media or by spreading the word with your people, it all counts, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Enjoy the Holiday Season, and cheers to new adventures, my friends!

Hugs and Health,


Especial thanks to Drift 30-A, The Hive Creative Consulting, Sassy Ink Design, Sugar & Heart Bakery, Chan’s Wine World at Watercolor, Mingle, Jacqueline Ward Images, GA Promotional Products and 1920Co